A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man Passageway Commentary Composition

A Face of the Musician as a Young Man Commentary

Passage: Web page 248: " -You made me confess the fears that we have…" – Page 249: " Cranly did not answer. "

From this passage, Sophie is saying how Cranly has turned him confess all of his fears to him, however he tells Cranly what he would not fear. Sophie tells Cranly that this individual does not " fear to be alone or be spurned for another or to leave whatever" he must leave. Stephen has gone through several phases in his your life, and now that he has gone through all of those levels, he feels that he needs to get further into himself to try and discover his real home. Stephen also mentions to Cranly that he is " not frightened to make a oversight, even a big mistake, a lifelong oversight and perhaps so long as eternity as well. " This shows that Sophie feels that making mistakes is fine mainly because in the end, he may learn from his mistakes. In the mean time, Cranly repeats the word " alone" two times to try to enforce the word to Stephen and make sure that the term stands out to him. He is trying to ensure that he is aware of what Sophie is really stating. Cranly as well points out that the word " alone" means " not just in be individual from all others but to never have even one friend. " By declaring this, Cranly is trying to point out to Sophie that in the event he leaves everything, he will probably also be giving Cranly, who will be Stephen's closest friend. Stephen responses without doubt that this individual " will take the risk. " This displays how identified Stephen is to pursue skill as a profession. Cranly continues, while ignoring Stephen's previous sentence, speaking about how if the person is really alone, she or he would not " have any one person…who would be more than a friend, more also than the most gracious and truest friend a man ever had. " At this point, it is unclear regarding whether Cranly is handling Stephen or perhaps talking to him self. Cranly is still quiet after pondering that thought whilst Stephen examines Cranly's face for any response. Stephen then realizes that Cranly had been...

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