Abortion Pew Essay


Brand: Yuven Diran

Matric Zero: J13013291

Lecturer: Ms Sarojini A/P Karuppiah

Title: Child killingilligal baby killing

Date: 24/10/2013 – 31 /10/ 2013


The subject that I have chosen to perform for my personal General Studies' research is " Abortion”. The reason I chose this topic is because the child killingilligal baby killing rate has become increasing a whole lot lately with Malaysia although also all over the world. Every week, you will have at least a few situations coming out inside the newspaper regarding abortion circumstances of typical people, wealthy people plus the celebrities. This report concludes that illigal baby killing has become popular among many people who are married but cannot support their child or are afraid to get insulted for it. With this report, I use included a couple of recommendations on steer clear of the child killingilligal baby killing cases via increasing drastically. The method which i have i did so the research through doing online surveys using study forms and went on the net to search for a lot of reference.


Have you have you been in a lifestyle or death situation? Many babies all around the world are is obviously threatening scenarios everyday. The only difference is the fact we can fight for our lives is to do whatever we possibly can to outlive - a baby cannot. Ever since abortion was legalized in the us millions of poor innocent babies have been slain. I believe child killingilligal baby killing is morally and ethically wrong and completely unfair to the baby that is enduring the consequences. Having an child killingilligal baby killing is wrong for so many reasons. Through this paper i will be discussing my opinion about abortion and why this is so terrible and incorrect.  Abortion can be wrong for the reason that baby has no other alternative than to get wiped out. It won't be able to speak out for it's rights or stop itself via being aborted. Another reason exactly why is because in the event the parent understood they weren't responsible enough to have a child or that the circumstances didn't allow them to, they shouldn't experienced a baby to begin with.


I use prepared a survey form for this theme and here are the handful of questions that I have ready and also the responses that I comes from the people with completed my own survey form.

1 . Have you any idea what child killingilligal baby killing is?

From the Chart Above we know that many INTI learners who would the study are well informed and know the dimensions of the meaning of abortion. installment payments on your Do you think that ladies wanting to go through an illigal baby killing should have to possess a consultation with an experienced counsellor?

Through the chart over we can see that a lot of people thing that women planning to undergo a great abortion really should have consultation with an experienced counsellor to seek intended for other approach to solution when possible. 3. If perhaps abortion was going to be unlawful in Malaysia, what particular circumstances do you really believe ought to be kept to get consideration? Please choose as many as you wish;

a) young pregnancy: several

b) pregnant state as a result of sexual assault/rape: 9

c) single females: 2

d) women who happen to be dependent on drugs/alcohol: 9

e) girls that are suffering from major depression and/or take part in self-harm: almost 8

From the chart over we can conclude that most persons think assult/rape victims needs to be allowed to provide an abortion and in addition that drug/alcohol users must be allowed to offer an because they aren't able to support their child in the event its born because they will turn to medications more. 4. Commonly women who undergo abortions sometimes encounter: numbness and emptiness, fake euphoria (a feeling of great, usually high, elation), the necessity to keep extremely busy, basic depression, unexpected bouts of crying, anger and/or guilt & lovemaking or romantic relationship difficulties. Do you think that abortion is damaging to women's self-esteem and mental health and/or stability?

From the chart above we can say that most people think after an abortion the self-esteem and meantal health and/or stability individuals might be impacted.

5. Do you believe that abortion should be a cost-free service, until now think that...

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