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Adi Godrej

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Adi Burjorji Godrej

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Adi Godrej

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Apr 3, 1942

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Massachusetts Institute of Technology

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Adi Godrej


Burjorji Godrej


Jai Godrej


Nadir Godrej


Parmeshwar Godrej




Tanya Dubash, Nisa Godrej


Adi Godrej




Adi Godrej



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Adi Godrej

•Recently Godrej Industries and our client division outsourced their THAT architecture to HP. Each division/group performs independently, and so the decisions were independent. The same, each division has a diverse skill set. The reason for writing this is to benchmark and balance individuals. - Unknown submitted by - Vaibhav Dhiman

•We deployed ERP more than a decade before to connect with vendors and customers. Today, the ENTERPRISE RESOURCE PLANNING covers almost all modules your HRD. We further expanded the scope in client relationship by simply bringing CUSTOMER RELATIONSHIP MANAGEMENT online. With eCRM, we certainly have taken that a step forward. We all refresh the technology on a regular basis. From an MFG Pro ERP a decade ago to SAP, we have come a long way. - Unknown posted by - Sanjeev Dhiman

•No. I actually only utilize the email and occasionally access the net. " I have a Blackberry Bold as a personal tool. I do not have a laptop. I actually work on a desktop. -- Unknown posted by - Sanjeev Dhiman

•Very crucial. However , he can not a organization strategist, a CEO is responsible. CIO is a area of the business strategy team, and it is a part of the company decisions. It must be understood that technology will not dictate organization, business dictates technology. A small business should be able to leverage technology. DRONE is also an essential tool to comprehend customer behavior. Information can be collected and used well. However , technology modules can not be the center of business....

The Impact of Information Technology in the World Today Essay