Analysis Of Sirius XM Holdings Inc Essay

Analysis of Sirius XM Holdings Incorporation. (SIRI) 2013 Annual Report/10k Filing Preface: SIRI were now being publically exchanged in August of 1994 in $4. 125. The company blossomed in the 90's reaching an all-time high stock benefit of $61 in Feb of 2k. Since 2001, terrestrial the airwaves revenues have already been declining yr over season (90% of SIRI revenue). Their stock value damaged to $2. 49 in September of 2001. This year's recession destroyed SIRI's control value even further to a penny stock. In the last ten years the company just saw long-term growth back in 2005 most notably due to a merger with XM Perhaps most obviously factors Analyzed from the 2013 report:



" Out of 250 , 000, 000 cars while travelling, those with dish radios will certainly reach a target of more than 100 , 000, 000 in 2017. Currently, this number stands at only 57 million vehicles. This reveals the percentage of cars with satellite radios will increase from 23% to 40%. ” A rather uplifting quote using their Annual Record, but with more analysis shows to be somewhat insignificant due to all the difficulties they have with competition. A direct quote off their 10k Filing, " Apple, Pandora and Clear Channel, make substantial fidelity digital streams readily available through the Net for free or perhaps, in some cases, for a fraction of the expense of a satellite radio registration. These solutions compete straight with our solutions, at home, in the automobile, and wherever audio enjoyments is consumed. ” The list goes on and on speaking about traditional AM/FM radio (that generates vast amounts of dollars in advertising), 3rd party media resources and various other radio methods


The moment analyzing the essential reporting's of profit, total assets, paid out dividends and also other various signals of progress, it is obvious that this business is proceeding in no clear course for long term growth. While revenue develops at a miniscule constant rate, revenue show simply no indication of life. Investors have seen just one...

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