Angela Davis Prison Content Essay

Injustice in the Penitentiary System

In American society today, nonviolent offenders will be prosecuted in much the same way violent offenders are. In California the justice program uses three strikes regulation, which means chronic offenders; regardless of the nature with the crime get mandatory expanded jail sentences after their particular second criminal offense. While these types of crimes which they commit happen to be wrong, the harm they inflict upon society is very low, consequently the ratio of abuse to offense should be reduced. Using these kinds of ideals the prison program becomes overloaded with non-violent individuals such as drug addicts and shoplifters. And so the prisons move away from being rehabilitation centers, and become merely a place to maintain those considered as convicts until their particular sentences are up. This situation creates both an injustice for the people wrongly incarcerated, and for individuals who are inside to become re-assimilated into society at the end of their stay. To end this matter, alternatives to jail has to be found intended for non-violent criminal activity such as shoplifting and medicine use.

Simply by placing non-violent offenders in to the prison program for long term periods of time world adds to the issue of prisons acting as long term babysitters instead of rehabilitation centers. This in turn has many side effects in regards to the better good of society. Angela Davis, an advocate resistant to the prison system states " Given the recent introduction of supermaximum-security prisons … in general that are being divested of educational, recreational, and other programs traditionally associated with therapy projects. ” To accommodate the ever growing prison populations, financing has been lower from therapy projects, and placed into filling up the prisons up to capability. By simply minimizing the content of those convicts who happen to be inside intended for nonviolent offences this process could be avoided entirely and culture would be greater off in the end. Those convicts who would stay inside the prisons would be able to...

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