Stress Exploration Paper

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Bronze Teck Meng 13007273 SECTION A: DIFFICULTY ADOPTED BY PROJECT (100 Words/5 Marks) What?: Precisely what is the nature of this challenge?

Stress is always a complex issue but will be even more complex if that is left unattended (Wan Hussin, 2007). According to Redhwan, ou al (2009), stress is defined as a condition of mental is definitely under pressure which will caused by specific and social problems as well as inner and outer self-factors. Besides, relating to A. D. A. Meters. Health Solutions (2012), you will discover two types of stress that happen to be physical tension and emotional stress. Just what exactly?: What are the urgent problems arising from this issue? David, Mike Jayakumar and Sulthan (2013) stated that stress will lead pressure symptoms which means changing of reactions as a result of stress, and it includes four types which are physical symptoms, emotional symptoms, behavioural symptoms and cognitive symptoms. According to Engs (1987), stress could lead health problems which autonomic nervous system and hormones are influenced when anxiety occurs. These kinds of problems ultimately lead difficulties and undesirable to human being daily life along with serious illness to the people (Engs, 1987). Now what?: What can we carry out to lessen the effects of this trouble and help to make things better here? Particular number of methods to take care of stress. According to Tartakovsky (2011), tension could be deal with using the 5Rs stress management unit. Furthermore, stress can also be take care of using the 4A's stress management style (Smith, Segal, Segal 2014). Moreover, Lazarus and Folkman (1984) claim that focused dealing could help to handle stress. Besides, According to Segal (2014), one of the effective ways to manage pressure is 5-steps emotional management. SECTION B: THE PROJECT AIM – ACTIVITY - OUTCOME (1150 Words/20 Marks) Activity Purpose:

Stress is a main problem of each and every individual will be facing. In the event that...

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