AP Western History Essay

Miguel Raymond

European History Essay

Final Examination

Was Indonesia to blame for World War one particular?

Germany was at fact to blame for World Conflict 1 . However were various other countries that had been partially the reason for there actions. But it was clear that they played the minor part and Philippines played the main one. In 1904 there is a rivalry between nations around the world that improved to a certain extent that caused soldires to increase. Certain nations also tried to build units. Germany was an imperialistic country for that reason they had lusted after Britains's strong navy blue and thus bringing about copying Britain's production of dreadnoughts. Indonesia was circled by terrain so they did not have any requirement for the terme conseille. Britain was isolated therefore they did in reality have reasons to have terme conseille. Germanys craving for food for wanting a strong huge army and navy triggered tension between Britain and other nations.

The main cause of Globe War 1 was militarism and it had been clear that Germany performed a major position in this and was forever in favor of settling their particular problems through war. That was their exclusive way to be in things. They always seemed to settle points through warfare.

The Schlieffen Strategy also a new role in Germany leading to the outbreak of Community War One particular. The Kaiser predicted that Russia could take longer to mobilize which Belgium will accept Indonesia and let all of them pass through to France. Nevertheless , Belgium wer adamant with the aid of Britain copying Belgium due to their alliance. Kaiser thought that is definitely was " trash”

This is a plan that took advantage of unexpected differencs in the three countries' acceleration in getting yourself ready for war. It absolutely was the Germans plan to concentrate on the soldiers in the west and quickly defeating the French, then rushing individuals troops simply by rail to the east to face the Russians before that they had time to mobilize fully. This course of action was created by simply Alfred von Schliefen. Helmuth von Moltke is the individual who did put it to use for World War A single though.

Germany's pursuit of power...

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