To What Degree Has Enhance Migration to the Uk within the last Decade Recently been Beneficial to the Origin and Destination? Essay

The phenomenon of migration, which is associated with the globalisation process of the world's economy, is also reflected in Poland. The emigration of Poles indicates a tendency of momentary or seasonal departures, which can be in accordance with the migration styles observed in The european union or throughout the world.

Polish migration to the UK has been a controvertial issue from the beginning. A comparison of social and economic consequences of emigration from new member countries is usually rendered being difficult by lack of completely reliable info.

But many common myths circulate the topic. According to 1 of them, migrants take operate away from locals. But in truth, there are relatively few a highly qualified people amongst these migrant workers, thus their role in the national economic system is a complementary one; they do not compete with the neighborhood work force. One more myth claims, that the Poles are a long term burden around the budget from the UK. True, many Poles go to institution here, are treated by the NHS and several receive kid benefit, but only 3% are eligible pertaining to other financial aid. There is an extra burden about local health insurance and education establishments: many of these costs are covered by their ВЈ1. 9 billion a year contribution to the Exchequer in income tax and national insurance, which figure does not include their contribution to authorities tax. The House of Lords committe statement, that migrants contributed about ВЈ6 billion dollars annually in the economy. This really is however countered by a study from American Union in respect to which 60% of Poles working in the UK send money home. The National Traditional bank of Belgium estimates that from 2004-09 about ВЈ4 billion was sent to Poland by Shine workers.

Will not seem that the thousands of Polish migrants experienced a detrimental impact on the United kingdoms's employment costs. The Commence for General public Policy Reseach states that migration in to the UK via Eastern The european countries since EUROPEAN UNION expansion in 2004 has already established little effect on the English economy when it comes to employment costs...

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