At look at organized crime Essay

Woody Allen – A review of organized criminal offense


1 . Which unlawful activities will be performed by Mafia?

Murders, gambling, narcotics, prostitution, hijacking, loansharking, travel of large whitefish across the point out line to get immoral purposes 2 . How much does it mean that the " Aquillante Construction Company decided to set up their new offices within the bridge of his nose”? Maybe it implies that they are producing a deceive of sby of Doyle, and ultimately ends up killing him Or that they killed him and chosen to build a building on top of his body. a few. How faithful were Vitale's men?

They were not very dedicated. When Vitale died, Vitale's men right away defected to Ross away of dedication 4. What does it mean that letters were signed with a " black hand”? It had been a danger from the Cosca (often challenging money)

your five. What is a " family”?

A Mafia group (rather significant men)

6. Explain what it means that the Cricca is a " blight about our nation” Very bad for the world - It ruins our nation – The underground of the culture 7. Precisely what is the problem inside the phone chat? How important is this discussion as proof? The problem is there is a bad connection. The evidence can be not legitimate at all. It seems to be a laugh (Woody Allen is producing fun of both the Cricca and the police)


1 . Sort the nicknames in three classes: a) probably nicknames b) less likely nicknames c) ludicrous nicknames. Define the names and nicknames in the text The butcher (a)

The custom (a)

The logical positivist (a)

Mendy Lewis, Mendy Larsen, Mendy Alias (c)

Little Tony, Rabbi Henry Sharpstein (c)

The herpetologist (b)

Blessed Lorenzo (a)

Guiseppe Fondamental

Little Petey (Big Petey) (a)

The Buttered Toasted bread King (c)

The fish (b)

installment payments on your Characterize the mafiosi in the text. How do they look? What do they actually for a living? Where do they live and work? And how do they react? Usually they could be recognized by their very own large cufflinks and their failing to stop eating when the man sitting next to...

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