Bangladesh Composition



– Doctor Atiur Rahman and Prophet Abu Eusuf1


angladesh 2 is among the most densely populated

countries in the world. The poor Bangladeshi

overall economy, with a low per capita income and a large

population, reveals several clue for the abject humanitarian education

situation near your vicinity.


Human population:

GDP (Current US$): 51. 9 billion***

Per Household Income:

(Current US$)

Just lately, Bangladesh features a openly floating

exchange rate system. Since the desertion of the

Singapore issues inside the Cancun meeting of the WTO,

Bangladesh experienced all but given up its project of seeking a competition policy and rules. Yet, you cannot find any denial with the

fact that both producers and consumers think strongly that

there should be a competitive business environment pertaining to

their common welfare. So , the need for a competition policy

is an internal imperative in Bangladesh, irrespective of the final results of transactions at the WTO.

144 1, 000 sq . kilometres

Life Expectancy:

61 years**

Literacy (%):

41. 1 (of ages 12-15 and above)**

HDI Ranking:



- Globe Development Indicators Database, Globe Bank, 2005

- Human being Development Record Statistics, UNDP, 2004

(**) For the year 2002

(***) For the entire year 2003

Highlighting Myanmar and India, the is situated in

deltas of large rivers moving from the Himalayas, into the

Bay of Bengal. It is split up into six administrative regions, with the capital getting Dhaka.

Today, the country has come a long way regarding trade

and exchange price liberalisation, through the simplification of its import procedures; the significant decline of

quantitative constraints; the popular flexibility of trade in many restricted items; and the considerable

rationalisation and reduction of import tariffs.

400 (Atlas method)***

1, 700 (at PPP. )**

Surface Area:

Bangladesh became independent in 1971, when it seceded

from the union with West Pakistan. Earlier, the full of

Pakistan was a a part of India right up until 1947, if the British

left from the American indian sub-continent following ruling over it

for nearly two centuries. A democratic environment, though

fragile, has been current in the country since 1991.

Overall economy

After self-reliance, Bangladesh followed a policy of very

stiff import replacement in its industrialisation strategy.

138. 1 million***

Policy-makers and consumers are aware about this imperative

and, hence, keep the issue of formulating a nationwide

competition policy and rules alive in Bangladesh. The

consumers' movements in Bangladesh is, nevertheless , quite

fragile and, consequently, the demand for the competition coverage and

legislation from their part is not very forceful.

Competition Evolution and Environment

By simply competition or perhaps antitrust coverage, economists usually mean

treatment by community authorities pertaining to ensuring competition

in the market segments. The basic goals of competition policies are made to promote competition, enhance consumer

welfare, by simply preventing limited agreements or perhaps concerted

activities between companies that distort competition in the

markets, which are either direct cartels or tacit complicite. Such plans also manage monopoly situation, and the

means of business concentration, such as M& As.

Competition regimes are often related to the expansion

strategy in the country. During the time of independence in

1971, Bangladesh inherited a plan of very rigid import

* Unique paper posted in September 2004. Revised in Mar 2005 & January 2006 1 The authors are grateful to Dr . Abdur Razzaque, Office of Economics, University of Dhaka to get his research support and cooperation. 2 Additional information continues to be compiled from


Competition Routines in the World – A Municipal Society Statement

substitution as its industrialisation strategy, which

always been pursued very well into the 1970s.

The typical musical instruments of this inward-looking

development paradigm, such as...

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