Bipolar Disorder Essay

Bipolar disorder can be described as disease that effects one in

every five People in america. It is second only to center

disease to get loss of workdays in the U. S. As a result of

popular belief the cause of Zweipolig disorder is known as a

chemical disproportion in the head. This discrepancy is

because of one brain chemical called norepinephrine

it is regarded as the cause of depressive

symptoms. Norepinephrine is a hormone

produced by the adrenal medulla, similar in

chemical and pharmacological homes to

epinephrine (also a hormone released by the

well known adrenal medulla in answer to excitement to the

sympathetic nervous system). Norepinephrine and

epinephrine are the two active hormones that

cause a number of the physiological movement of

fear and anxiety. It appears that in states of Mania,

your Norepinphrine levels are extremely high and

within a depressive express the level is incredibly low.

On the other hand despite powerful research and

investigation the main cause of bipolar disorder is still

unidentified. Other suggestions of basis of this

disease consist of virus-like infections and tragic or perhaps

stressful situations in your life. Symptoms of

Depression may be anything from loss of hunger

to increased crying. Although typical symptoms are:

-Depressive " blue" mood This may include a unhappy

feeling and an cascarrabias attitude -Feelings of

worthlessness/guilt This symptom includes

self-hatred for concerns occurring inside the everyday

world. Also impractical self-blame, negative

self-evaluations and incredibly low self-pride are

generally present. -Excessive fatigue and/ or

sleeplessness Difficulties drifting off to sleep, waking up

restless or waking up earlier than typical.

Hypersomnia is definitely feeling tired and nap time all the

time. Commonly Manic-depressives can function

perfectly on little if any sleep. -Frequent thoughts

of death or suicide Thoughts of one's personal death

or death generally is very common in major depression.

-Loss of appetite Or maybe a gain in appetite or perhaps weight

(or loss) frequently occurs. Also the types of foods getting

consumed has ceased to be...

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