btec business unit two task 1 Essay

п»їUnit 2

Task 1:

In this task I will be making a brief guide to help Sharmin and Rajesh, We are helping those to understand what is designed and goals are, Let me also be outlining the 3 groups to all of them, and the INTELLIGENT rule. A great aim can be described as purpose or intention: a desired end result or objective. A business like McDonalds, their very own aim should be to make earnings, provide a great purchaser assistance, serve good quality food, ensure it's not raw, cooked properly well, and so forth McDonalds is part of the Personal Sector; businesses which are inside the private sector, their goal is mainly to make a profit, provide good customer service, etc . An business like Oxfam, their aim is to raise donations so they can help people whom are less lucky, they advertise so people can see what the money they will donate would go to and that people can trust them and donate additional money. Oxfam is usually part of the Non-reflex Sector; the voluntary sector aims to assist individuals who are less fortunate, over a global scale, for example , charities which help persons all around the globe, Oxfam, Unicef, etc . A great organisation for example the NHS, their particular aim should be to help the people living in the community around them, the federal government controls and runs it, and it is financed through the community's taxation. The NHS can be part of the Open public Sector; the population sector is definitely controlled by the govt to help the community, for example , medical, teaching, armed forces, etc . The main aim of most public sector organisations should be to provide solutions for the population.

Objectives will be the points you need to complete in order to reach the aim/goal. The objectives simply break the aims up, and put that into objectives they need to accomplish to reach their particular goal.

An objective for a organization like Burger king could be, ‘we need to offer 100 Big-Mac meals in 1 week, for 4 weeks', if their goal is to sell off 400 Big-Mac meals in 4 weeks. A target for an organisation just like Oxfam could possibly be, ‘we ought to double our advertising level', if their target is to accumulate £1, 500, 000 intended for the Haiti...

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