Buisness and Admistration Level Two Product 1 Dissertation

Section 1 – Know the employment privileges and responsibilities of the employee and employer

1 ) Identify four main points that would be included in a contract of employment. If possible, how to use example deal to support your answer (feel free to imprecise any private information).

Business employers name

Employees Name

Hours of work

Job title

I actually don't have a piece contract during my place of work but they have found one of many internet and included that to show that I understand what the first is.

2a) List three tips of laws that impact employers within a business environment.

Health and safety

Data security

Pay and pensions

2b) List three key points of legislation that affect workers in a business environment.

Pension check


Employment rights and responsibilities

3. Identify a number of places that a person can find information on career rights and responsibilities. You must identify for least two internal and two exterior sources of information.


Operate union reps


Government – including the website

5. Describe just how representative bodies can support employees.

A representative body system may

• negotiate a much better pay

• provide schooling and new skills

• guide with challenges at work

your five. Briefly identify employer and employee duties for equal rights and diversity in a business environment. You should offer at least two employer responsibilities and two employee responsibilities.

If at all possible, provide relevant equality and diversity procedures out of your workplace (or place of study) to support the answer. These documents needs to be annotated to highlight the relevant portions.

Employer's responsibility is to insure their employees are never treated less favourably then another person because of a shielded characteristic and also to insure which a person cannot be directly discriminated against a lot of because that they associate with another person who also possess protected characteristic (www.acas.org.uk)

Employee's responsibility would be to survey any splendour in the workplace and not be discriminative inside the work place

6th. Briefly make clear the benefits of ensuring equality and diversity procedures are followed within a business environment. Your answer should include one benefit intended for the employer, one benefit to get the employee and one advantage for the general organisation.

If the equality and diversity acts are properly followed within a workplace it provides protection for both the employee and workplace. The employee is protected, in the event that procedures will be followed, because they will not go through any discrimination due to virtually any personal characteristics. The employer benefits as, in the event that procedures will be followed, they can be not responsible as discriminators

Section a couple of – Be familiar with purpose of wellness, safety and security techniques in a organization environment

1 ) Identify employer and employee responsibilities to get health, safety and security.

If possible, present relevant overall health, safety and security plans / papers from your work environment (or place of study) to back up your response. These documents should be annotated to highlight the kind of sections.

Organisations are responsible to make sure the effort place can be described as safe and secure environment and that policies and methods are set up to maintain this kind of. They can do that in many ways i actually. e. c. o. s. h linens, risk tests, fire drills and keeping employees up to date with current policies. Workers have a responsibility to make sure they stick to policies which might be laid out and also to conduct themselves in a manner that enables a safe and secure office.

2 . Make clear the purpose of pursuing health, safety and security procedures in a business environment.

The main reason this kind of legislation is put in place is really that everyone recognises they are all in charge of health, security and safety in the work place. If every rules happen to be adhered to it will keep the hazards down to a...