Essay about Cambodia’s Angkor Wat

Cambodia's Angkor Wat

For several years, certain man-made structures had been overlooked and unrecognized. Beautiful and amazing masterpieces just like Stonehenge, the Eiffel Structure, and the Angkor Wat have been missing a feeling of acknowledgement. Humankind's architectural successes have been provided to the ancient wonders of the world. This list was made the decision about two, 200 years back. During those centuries, 6 of the eight wonders have already been destroyed or perhaps may have never even been with us. The Egypt pyramids are the only survivors from the unique list of the ancient miracles.

Candidates for the new set of world amazing things have been drawn up in a global competition, " with more than twenty million persons voting. ” (Engeler and Higgins E3) People can vote for their designer artifact, at the same time; bringing countries and their civilizations together. This kind of campaign was started in 99 by Bernard Weber, a Swiss adventurer who wished to broaden ethnic awareness across the world. " Weber ‘felt that [was] moment for something new to bring the world together' and to ‘symbolize a common satisfaction in the global cultural heritage'” (Viering qtd. in Engeler and Higgins E3). Funds raised simply by Weber's Switzerland-based foundation and other donations can help perserve the atifacts intended for future years, otherwise; they are going to end up just like the last globe wonders.

Mexico's Chichen Itza, India's Taj Mahal, Jordan's Petra, Brazil's Christ Redeemer, Rome's Colosseum, the Great Wall structure of China, and Peru's Machu Picchu were picked as the newest seven magic of the world by a global election (" New” A7). These types of new several world miracles hold quite a lot of history and culture in every single one. The Angkor Wat should have certainly made the ultimate list, unfortunately he cut with 14 various other nominated landmarks. Cambodia's Angkor Wat contains a great deal of famous, cultural, and architectual significance and should include won an area on the new list of world wonders. The Angkor Wat, "[r]egarded as the great masterpiece of Khmer...

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