Compare and Contrast Article

GAC008 Examination Event: Compare

" Review and Contrast”

Student's Identity: Luis Mario Takeda and Rodrigo Fernández

Scholar ID: ESN26484

Teacher: Nina Čerenak

Due Date: 17/09/14

Phrase Count: two-hundred eighty-one

Homes in Mexico and Canada happen to be pretty related but they incorporate some important big difference but this kind of eassay will show that homes in south america are safer tan homes in Canada in lots of ways. Although Canada has fewer criminal costs tan in Mexico the homes in Mexico convey more security systems and fences. Other factor is a material while using houses happen to be constructed. Canadian and Mexican homes have the same apeareances pretty much. The buildings in philippine and Canadian homes is much the same. Homes on the two countries in addition have a waterproof program and other defenses against the elements because in both countries climates will be or too hot or perhaps too cold. As the mentioned before the materias in homes of both countries are diferent. In Canada residences are made of solid wood and in Mexico they are made from concrete and bricks. The wood is more likely to capture fire than concrete and so fires in Mexico are very rare the only probabilty that the house draws fire is a gas outflow but in Canada are more prevalent the fire in homes. Concrete is additionally more solid allthough South america is a seismic zone and Canada offers low probabillity to have an earthquake. The security devices, fences and alarms are other things Canadian homes shortage. This is because Canadian homes don't need that. At first apearance the Canadian and Philippine homes happen to be pratically similar but if the really assessed it can be get several distinctions between them. This essay was focus on the safety and this proved that because of the hazards that mexico has just like insecurity, earthquakes and other natural disaster philippine home are manufactured more secure to shield their habitants of this hazards.

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