п»ї COMPETENCY ASSERTION 1 To determine and maintain a safe healthy learning environment Offering a safe environment for my personal infants and toddlers is vital to me. My spouse and i make sure that they feel safe and secure when they check in with my smiling confront. I make certain they think that way throughout their working day. To keep the youngsters safe I inspect the centers within my classroom to make sure there are no broken gadgets or trash that they can put in their mouths. With young, mobile newborns and kids you must remain on your toes at all a chance to make sure they stay safe and out of harm approach. While the youngsters are in my treatment I teach them the optimal way to wash all their hands by simply washing souterrain as well. My spouse and i make sure to remind them to continuously wash their particular hands to prevent germs coming from spreading. They will wash their particular hands ahead of they eat, after using the restroom and after coming from the playground. The learning environment during my classroom is usually well equipped with child size chairs, tables and shelving. The aged mobile newborn furniture may be the same elevation, as for the toddler pieces of furniture is a little higher for their height. I be sure we have enough supplies for every child inside my classroom.

CS1 a: Our daily menu is definitely provided by UNITED STATES DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE and it has the daily requirements. A lot of items your children do not enjoy too much however it is recommended. Ingesting healthy is important so I make an effort to encourage them to at least try it out.

CS1 b: I did not design this room however the room is definitely well organized with centers in mind, Quiet and loud areas are segregated. The centers have enough space for all the kids. Tables and chairs have reached children's elevation levels.

CS1 c: My weekly program implements daily schedule to accommodate the children demands, I accept teachable occasions when they happen. The activities I do with my personal children in geared toward the development stages. As well as the activities happen to be planned hence the children...

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