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Système Informatisé para tenue des dossiers Ain Un Système de Monitoring pour RMJ Laundry Store (Computerized Record Keeping and Monitoring System for RMJ Laundry Shop)


Information technology refers to the collection of tools making it easier to use, generate, manage and exchange data. It's a easy term pertaining to including the two telephony and computer technology inside the same term. It is the technology that is driving what features often been called " the information revolution. "

Information technology has existed for a very long, long time. Fundamentally as long as people have been around, information technology has been around simply because there were often ways of communicating through technology available at that point in time.

Over the ensuring decades, a large number of corporations created so-called " IT departments" to manage the computer technologies linked to their organization. Whatever these departments done became the actual definition of Information Technology, one that has become incredible over time.

Job placing sites typically use IT as being a category in their databases. The category includes a broad variety of jobs across architecture, engineering and government functions. People with jobs in these areas typically have college degrees in pc science and information systems. They may also possess related industry accreditations. A career in Information Technology can easily involve doing work in or leading IT departments, product development clubs, or analysis groups.


With a computerized record keeping system, the record keeper can use computer software to store info, summarize data, generate and sort transactions easily and organizely. With this, locating a record regardless if it is a number of years ago can be carried out with only one click.

One common problem with manual record keeping is that they have no back up. Once their record book is full, they will have to replace it with a brand new one. But with a digital record keeping system, you can just get into a log and it will instantly save on data source. Less inconvenience, less waste, less job, more efficient.


In 03 2004, Hellen P. Marasigan and her youngest sibling, Melly Panizales, were about to open a company. Hellen was obviously a teller within a bank that point and Melly was a basic housewife. They have decided to open a laundry shop to have an extra income.

St . Hellen Laundry and Dried out Cleaning Companies was began on 12 , 2005 by Rosario, Cavite. With the help of Nelly Panizales, their other sister, Hellen and Melly handled their organization personally in spite of their demands and hectic schedule. They are also the one who did laundry chores and sentinel the shop throughout the day.

At first, the income was not that good. Consumers seldom take advantage their providers. But they did not lose hope. They will just keep on believing that business doesn't always start triumphantly initially. They need to have patience and established and they will rapidly succeed.

In 2007, St Hellen Laundry and Dry out Cleaning Solutions started to grow. They also chosen employees to work for them. It built steady progress and Marissa Panizales handed down their family business in June 2012 and it is today known as RMJ Laundry. Today, RMJ Laundry is needs to open another branch in Noveleta, Cavite.



RMJ Laundry only using a logbook were they will manually write the information from the customers.


1 . Almost all articles dispatched for processing are recognized at customer's risk. RMJ Laundry will exercise WONDERFUL CARE however it cannot be held accountable for any damage resulting from the laundry method. 2 . Rmj Laundry can be not responsible for items still left in packet, loss of keys, omaments of pockets, shrinkage, stains, fading discoloration or damage by reason of arising from any kind of defect including perspiration, moth or insect destruction,...

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