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In 1787, a group of staff from the 13 colonies attained all together to go over the Articles of Confederation's weaknesses and to make a new Constitution. They disputed, debated, and talked about that for four months until they created the U. H. Constitution. During my essay, Let me discuss a lot of weaknesses in the Articles of Confederation and i also will also go over how they solved it. I will also discuss some disadvantages that continued to be in the Metabolism when it was passed.

One of the Content of Confederation's weaknesses was that each state makes their particular money. It was difficult to get the states to control with each other. If the states applied the same kind of cash, it would inspire more trading between them which can be easier than making their particular money.

Another weakness is that John The writer mentions the new authorities would be good and enough. Thereby, the people were saying that the weakness of the old government which has been the Content articles of Confederation was unorganized and not reasonable. It had simply no federal courtroom system, and so each point out made up their particular laws and had their own legal courts which may have led to a corruption.

One weakness that remained inside the Constitution even though it was handed was that Jones Jefferson mentions that the just important thing that was not in the Constitution was obviously a Bill of Rights. So , the federalists promised to add a Bill of Rights in the Constitution when it will complete. The Bill of Right were the first 10 amendments, which included the freedom of religion, liberty of press, freedom of speech, freedom of assembly, etc…

An additional weakness was that the Articles of Confederation had merely one house of government, but the Constitution provides for reasonable representation in the government. A comparison between the big states and small states led those to create a two house legal. One home was the Senate. It had the same representation simply by each state. Another property was the Residence of Staff. It had a proportion representation.

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