Database: Relational Model and Code Dissertation


GeRard ryan relational database job


GeRard ryan relational database task


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Description of Assignment

The business I have made a decision to base this kind of assignment about is a imaginary one that is known as a DVD/ Online games rental wall plug. They hire and sell DVD's and games both outdated and the fresh company is actually a small business and employees two full-time and two or perhaps staff. The corporation orders it is supplies via local and international suppliers so they must keep information on document. At present they store these files within a filing pantry, this causes many difficulties with the documents and many documents are either lost or perhaps damaged. The use of a relationship databases will save the business a lot of paper work, the different advantages of using a database happen to be that you can get the information using a simple query. It can present valuable information by looking in database documents and how data has changed over time, you can also track important styles, such as which usually product is many popular with customers, which can make your company more competitive. They areinexpensive and small enterprises find them to become a good way of cutting costs with out cutting top quality, converting coming from paper data files to a repository system can be difficult and a good degree of knowledge of the device before attempting to transfer virtually any files into a database.

Planning of Assignment

To develop the databases I will first have to build a plan of how many dining tables to put into it e. g. a staff table, staff roster, Product table, Order Table, Rental Stand, and Distributor Table. In laying out the routine for this assignment I had to decide what dining tables would have a relationship, the following are the human relationships I created with a brief explanation included: 1) The staff code has a marriage with the roster table, since one employee can have sufficient rosters. 2) The product and rental will have the most human relationships. The leasing code, supplier code, and order code all have got relationships inside the product desk following the that you many rule. 3) The relationships inside the rental include the roster code, customer code and product code. 4) The different tables made up of relationships are definitely the order desk with the repayment table.

By simply designing the database in this way it protects that the data in the desks with interactions cannot be changed.

This job covers one particular working week in the firm showing how a company is definitely run and how by creating this database it will help the business run the day to working day tasks more proficiently and safely.

Concerns & Solutions

Problem one particular

At present the corporation keeps all of their files in hard copy and it causes important data files to be missing or shed. Solution 1

By designing a relational database it will eventually reduce the volume of hard copies and i also some cases it can eliminate the dependence on any paperwork. Problem two

The method the company uses to back again is very inferior and causes data file to be missing. Solution two

With a databases the customer info is stored in one place and it is an easy and safe way of make a backup of all files. Trouble 3

The present system supplies very poor security in the organization as all of the staff can simply view the client's personal information. Remedy 3

The database provides good protection and can be set up so that just a staff affiliate that is given a password can gain access to. Problem four

It is hard pertaining to the company to determine which of the products in the store a the majority of popular. This makes it hard to decide how much in each merchandise such always be ordered each week. This can also cause them to more than order unpopular stock which they may find hard to sell and end...

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