Essay about Different Points of View: Is definitely Ignorance Happiness?

Is Ignorance Bliss?

Truman's point of view

I Truman Burbank think that Lack of knowledge is not bliss. Lately, I have simply found out that I was captured in a dome and was a television show. Initial, I feel like this imprisoning me personally was inhumane. I think via keeping fact from myself is wrong because I was born similar to other typical human being although I wasn't given the same things. Although I was helped bring and increased in this dome. Having my significant other, my friends, and my parents are wrong since they may actually imply what they are declaring. People are adding words inside their mouths and telling these people what to tell me. I had been forced to believe every single place in the world experienced already been uncovered and that My spouse and i couldn't leave anywhere I feel that the fact that Chrisof took control of my whole life can be wrong. I had been the puppet and having been the puppeteer, he was pushing me to complete things, for example when I attempted to run away We didn't allow me to but rather he set up a lot of obstacles so that I aren't escape. But I cut the puppeteer's strings by escaping the fake universe that I used to are in and went out of the dome. But by doing that I have wrecked the so-called ‘Truman Show'. Another thing that made me angry was the moment Chrisof advised the people which i can pass away in a live audience because I was delivered in a live audience, but earlier this individual said ‘I have presented Truman to be able to lead a regular life. The world, the place you reside in, is the sick place'. He's stating things that counter the things he said. When he said the world was a sick place I comprehended him since when he tried to kill me, he achieved it without reluctance. It resulted in he was one of the people that was from the ill world.

Oedipus's Points of View

I Ruler Oedipus feel that Ignorance is bliss because of many things I have dreadfully discovered. One of the reasons so why I feel that ignorance is bliss is because the gods were playing with myself. I was as well shallow to find out what was taking place. But when the gods...

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