Eco Test Paper

Section – I actually

1Citrus Speculation and Foretelling of, Inc, continues to be hired with a private holding of orange growers to predict what to you suppose will happen to the selling price and outcome of grapefruits under the circumstances below. What are your predictions? For every part, drawing a graph showing the right demand and provide analysis.

a) A significant freeze damages a large number of the orange forest in Sarasota. b) The American Medical Association announces that drinking orange juice can reduce the risk of heart attack. (Marks 10)

2)During 12 months of procedure, a firm gathers Rs. two, 00, 1000 in revenue and consumes Rs. 80, 000 in raw materials, labor expense, programs, and rent. The owners of the firm have presented Rs. 5, 00, 500 of their own money to the company instead of investment the money and earning a 10 percent annual rate of return. a) The direct costs from the firm will be $ __________. The implied costs will be $ __________. Total financial cost is $ __________. b) The company earns financial profit of $ __________.

c) The firm's accounting profit is definitely $ ______________. (Marks 5)

Section – II (2 marks each)

1)Which in the following is/are the outcomes of sinking of any vessel transporting crude oil to a country that may be completely dependent upon imports intended for oil? a) A fall inside the quantity provided of commodity future trading in the country. b) A rise inside the prices of crude oil.

c) Shifting of supply curve towards proper.

d) The two (a) and (b) above.

e) All of (a), (b) and (c) above.

2)Which of the subsequent is a movements along the source schedule? a) A fall inside the output of rice due to a rise in the values of pesticides and fertilizers. b) An increase in availability of air travel because of the liberalization with the aviation sector. c) A rise in the cost of sweets leading to an elevated production of sugarcane. d) A...

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