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Comparison Analysis of Capital Composition



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ITC Limited was incorporated in 1946 while Jagatjit Organic cotton Textile Mills Limited and renamed ITC in 1989. As a part of family members settlement of Thapar Brothers, ITC Limited came to Mister. M. M. Thapar. ITC is engaged in manufacturing fabrics and electrical filament yarn through its built-in textile services in Phagwara, Punjab and filament wool facilities in Hoshiarpur, Punjab. Its built-in facilities, by yarn to finished textile, give it the flexibility to offer superior quality and an extensive product range to customers. The bulk of ITC's fabrics production can be exported either directly as fabric or perhaps garments after conversion by domestic RMG segment. Within just India, the corporation has a solid network of dealers/ suppliers. Cotton and polyester organic cotton fabric comes all over India to some of the major household brands and also garment conversion programs nominated simply by major international brands/ buying residences. YEAR SITUATIONS 1946 -- The Company was incorporated in 28th October in Kapurthala. The main thing of the Firm is to manufacture cotton fabric goods. The items manufactured happen to be sheetings, shirtings, cambric, dhoties, sarees, coating, mazril, mulls, etc . 1950 - 430 preference and 30, 910 No . of Equity stocks allotted. 62 - The Company acquired Benaras Cotton and Silk Mills. 4, 16, 364 Number of Legal rights Equity shares issued

1963 - preference shares eligible for gross dividend of six. 5% S. A. 1967 - 5, 16, 275 No . of equity stocks issued in prop.

2001 - The Company has decided hive-of its synthetic fiber division in Punjab and has also suggested to restructure its collateral capital simply by reducing the eye value of its stocks and shares from Rs 10 to Rs. 2 . 50 LOGISTIK Thapar group flagship ITC has chose to induct 3 new professionals on the table. The new inductees are Raj Mohan Singh, head from the company's Phagwara unit, finance head; Big t N Subramaniam and; S i9000 P Narang, secretary, The Institute of Company taries of India.


The Power of Dreams. Dreams are what drive all of us. Ever since our inception in 1966 we now have continued to supply innovative knitwear and textile that have built key design statements. Creation of a exceptional corporate management and lifestyle is enabling us to formulate into a conglomerate that becomes a role model of worldwide respect and trust. Founder from the crew, Komal Kumar Jain, and his son Kuntal Jain, include embraced and taken frontward the principles of total Quality Management which in turn translates to doing " anything! ” to ensure 100% client delight.

The Group business philosophy is based on the following concepts: • Believability, integrity and honesty • Straightforward business dealings • Work as a worship • Spirit of Social Support and individual respect The organization of fashion is definitely dreaming and styling the near future. Business strategy, vision & innovation are definitely the principal pillars on which the forward-thinking business policy is founded. In the end, no company have enough money to stand still. We work constantly to develop new directions in apparel development and foreign trade, thus ensuring that all our ingredient companies shall continue to have got a strong tone of voice in the intercontinental apparel and textile forums of today and tomorrow....

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