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20 markings

DUE: 20 MARCH 2015

These are the type of queries you can expect inside the Class Check on twenty-three March. Completing this project should for that reason be considered element of your planning for your class Test. (The Class Test will cover more material compared to the assignment). If you have completed the questions, make an electronic document from your answers (you can easily put together an electric file, or perhaps scan the handwritten replicate – given that it is legible). Create a cover sheet, making use of the FoS version at

http://web.science.mq.edu.au/intranet/lt/barcode/coversheet.php Then produce a single. pdf file that contains both your answers and the cover sheet, and upload this to iLearn.

1 . Select two basic household products (examples could possibly be a floor rug, a picture framework, a food preparation pot, a plate – think of your own, no longer include any kind of these). Finish the following desk. You are not likely to analyse chemical substance composition or perhaps carry out assessment, so a guess is fine – nonetheless it should be an educated guess; Home



material type:



Electrical resistivity –

high or low?

Why? (i. e. make clear your


Ductile or perhaps brittle?

How come? (i. electronic. explain

your answer)

[4 marks]

2 .

A current of 1A flows in a steel rod which can be 10 centimeter long and 1 millimeter in diameter. (a) Precisely what is the amount of resistance of the fishing rod if it is produced from silver? By copper? Precisely what is the volt quality between the ends of the rod, for silver? For water piping? If the length of the rod is usually doubled to twenty cm,

(b) Will the amount of resistance change? Simply by how much? Does the resistivity change? By just how much?

(c) Which will material would be better pertaining to long-distance power transmission (power lines)?

How come?

Would you pick this material if you were the professional in charge of materials selection? Why/why not?

пЃІCu = 1 ) 7 пЃ­пЃ—-cm

[8 marks]

пЃІAg sama dengan 1 . 5пЃ­пЃ—-cm


(a) A aircraft of atoms in a straightforward cubic essudato intersects the x axis at back button = 5. The plane is parallel to...

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