Essay about Entrepreneurship  New Venture Creation

I. Intro

Business Term

Globalvision Pension Society

twenty-two Stepney Birmingham E1 4EE�


Nature of Business: True Estates and Community Expansion.


Amit Kumar Shaw 22 Mile End Birmingham E3 12EE

amit. t. [email protected] com; PH: 034-788-1521

Kaushik Dutta 12 Tollet Street London, uk E1 4EE

[email protected] com; PH: 074-999-5612

Biprojit Ray 17 Bethnal Green Birmingham SE1 17EE

[email protected] com; Ph: 074-111-4477

Pintu Dutta 27 Mile End London EC six 12EE

[email protected] com; Ph level: 034-987-1234

Subhasish Karmarkar 97 Globsion Road E7 1EE

bass speaker. [email protected] com; PH: 074-339-0506

Mission & Goals

Globalvision Retirement Culture is an elite old-age dynamic grown person society, established to give high-quality living supply, including first- class and state of-the-art services.   We anticipate rendering all these rewards with a cheap and fair price.   Our Business likewise maintains a pleasurable, happy, and innovative work atmosphere. We expect in multiplicity, new thoughts, and firm work.   We consider each of our society is definitely additional than human being; since we handle each other as a sweet members of the family and must be consider as our own.   Globalvision main desired goals are to achieve excellence -customer satisfaction,  develop into a productive enterprise,  achieve 75% employment control within two years, including positive atmosphere.

Loans Needed

To create this organization we need £2, 464, 134. sixty-eight finance.  Moreover to do this plan we will approach bank pertaining to loan to assist to our total expenditure, because our home finance will not be sufficient.   Business requires external funding for initial costs; so business can run smoothly. to create handsome revenue out of it; to be able to pay to the creditors as quick as is possible and cover over-head expenditure. �

Affirmation of Confidentiality Report

The said manuscript is a Business Plan and does not represent to sell or a solicitation to get. � The knowledge given in the company plan, " especially plan” is confidential and contains important information including, info protection work and trade secrets of Globalvision. � Hence some of the important or perhaps documented information enclosed inside the plan might be revealed or perhaps disclosed to the person under any situation without conversing in drafted consent of Globalvision will be prosecuted under the law of jurisdiction.


Globalvision Retirement Society give service to mature people in the increasing industry of London, uk, as it is prediction that pattern will go up within a period of time.   We happen to be contributing a great immense arrangement of features, together with a big swimming pool, popular bathtub, sauna-bath, community hub, health-fitness middle, health flair, bistro and game parlor including tiny shopping mall and free overall health check with term life insurance of £ 50, 000(USP). � To encourage tranquility in the midst of the individuals, we build only one building including numerous curricular-activities and entertainment bedrooms. Hence this will be unique features for the business. To catch the attention of elderly consumers, our marketing office will drive different source of advertising approaches including questions, games and also other open source and to draw the folks inside Our community development contemporary society is located in gorgeous and relaxing place in Far eastern London.   Our building can consist of 85 bedrooms which include one and two condominiums on 15000 sq ft of area.   The privileges of organization are generally look after by five skilled competent and liable members and so, twenty employees will run the daily tasks. � Globalvision Pension Society busy by15000 sq ft. of land on which usually single built building incorporate fifty dual bedroom and thirty single bed which include five Deluxe apartments with total of 150 units of apartment including adequate car parking facilities.  Organization operation and services and...

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