Faiyaz T Investigate Factors Affecting Cellular Membrane Permeability In Beetroot Essay

п»їInvestigate factors affecting cell membrane permeability in beetroot. Research Issue: How does deviation in temperature affect the permeability of cell membranes? Background Information: In this investigation I will wish to identify just how variations in temperature impact the permeability through the use of a beetroot. I predict that as the temperature of the water increases so will the distribution of the color. Independent Changing: The temp of water will be increased in amounts of 10oC, thus the temperatures I am using are 20oC, 30oC, 40oC, 50oC and 60oC. Dependent Varying: I will be measuring the cellular membrane permeability through the quantity of color dispersion. A colorimeter to be used to quantify results to a percentage indication of light, following it is still left for 5 mins. Control Parameters:


Just how it is scored

Why it takes to be measured

Mass of beetroot tube

A analyzing scale ought to be used to ensure all beetroot cylinders ponder 1 gram. If the mass of the beetroot cylinder may differ it may produce a difference in diffusion capacities. Length of beetroot cylinder

The in order to guarantee the surface area is held the same, every single cylinder has to be 2 cm long. This will be scored using a 15cm ruler. If the lengths are very different it would result in a difference of surface areas therefore questioning the test's accuracy. Associated with the beetroot

To keep age the beetroot the same, a similar beetroot to be used to get the cylinders. Different age ranges can cause the quantity of pigment in the beetroot to fluctuate. Therefore it is vital to work with the same beetroot. Volume of normal water

A 25ml measuring cylinder should be utilized to accurately measure 15ml of water for each test conduit. Water is known as a solvent and only a certain amount of pigment can be consumed by the water. Hence it might create a distinction in water potential. Time

Every single cylinder will stay in its test tube to get 5 minutes before the water is usually removed and tested. A stopwatch...

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