Filinvest Dissertation

Case Context

Filinvest Area Inc. (FLI) is one of the leading real estate builders in the country. It provides wide range of real estate property products to residential and commercial clients.

Like a listed business in Filipino Stock Exchange, shares of FLI can be bought and sold to potential investors. From the point of view an investor, our company is to provide information that can be used intended for decision making.

Issue Definition

Purchasing FLI can be rewarding due to potential profits it can provide to the shareholders. Additionally, it may pose hazards due to the uncertainties in real estate sector and exactly how management operate the business.

The goal of this daily news is to expose the threats in investing in FLI. This will give essential informations that investors can use to think about the risks in investing in this kind of real estate organization.

Description of the framework pertaining to analysis

Being a critic of FLI, we are tasked to provide details on the financial status of the business. We are to give an analysis based on the annual reviews and monetary statements.

To provide an overview of the economic status from the company, we all will examine its profits statements and balance bedding. We will present a pattern analysis and common size analysis intended for both statements.

After the overview, we all will also study and try to learn how the company do its organization using dupont analaysis.


Trend Analysis

Analysis in the company's assets provided a usual expected increasing tendencies for all of it is accounts apart from cash, investment in an connect, AFS assets which elevated dramatically in 2009 and 2010 while goodwill decreased starting 2010. The decrease in goodwill was as a result of re-measurement with the value of Cyberzone Propety Inc.

You can actually liabilities as well exhibit same upward trend except for tax payable which will decrease to 90% of its prior year. It had been due to the putting on creditable withholding taxes within the tax credited for 12 months.


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