Gattaca Film Essay

Gattaca 2 . 10

Gattaca by Toby Niccol

Robbie Bentley

In the film Gattaca by Andrew Niccol, an essential scene that conveys which means in the film is the nighttime club/alley scene. It reveals us Vincent's feelings towards Irene and just how desperate he is to not obtaining caught. I selected this scene to write regarding because it uses multiple areas of film to convey meaning inside the text. The aspects We've chosen to evaluate are Mise En-Scene, Camera, Sound and Enhancing.

In the night club/alley field, an important feature used to get around meaning can be music and sound effects. When Jerome and Irene are sitting in the night club there may be relaxed, low-tempo music playing which gets progressively louder whilst they dance, until it finally builds up towards the kiss which can be interrupted by the detective. This is an excellent use of music as it suits the elegancy of the landscape. Nice easy going, almost dreamlike as it generates, drawing in the audience audience into the second. The music reduces, snapping almost everything back to reality as the detective moves in. Another example of audio is when ever Jerome and Irene are escaping throughout the alley. The application of both music and increased sound through this part of the scene helps build tension. Whenever they start working, a sort of low aching strings music comes in which noises almost tormented and off-note. This steadily gets even louder the longer they run to help the target audience understand the tension in this portion. Also their footsteps are amplified to emphasise the desperateness in their get away. After Irene slips plus they hide in the alley, the background music cuts out and Anton yells " Vincent! ” The cut out of music displays the significance of this portion due to the extremely sudden reduces of music.

Another important facet of film inside the alley field is camera work. One of this is when Jerome and Irene are getting away through the intersection. When they begin running, the camera starts tracking their very own feet. This is to show the group directly they're running away. The camera slowly pans up...

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