General Power generators and the Chrysler Group Essay


HRM-587: Managing Organization Modify Project Proposal

Overview of Organizations

Shataun Hailey

September 7, 2015

I will be doing my course project on Standard Motors plus the Chrysler Group. I have decided to use these companies to discuss all of the changes that each organization endured through the most recent credit-driven recession. The auto industry was one of the most effected sectors during that recession. The chrysler and Standard Motors had been pushed in bankruptcy and 276, 1000 jobs in the auto and parts industry were destroyed. That equates to a whopping 36 percent of the total employment in the sector (CHU. T. L. & YINGZI, 2010). Basic Motors Organization designs, makes, and marketplaces cars, crossovers, trucks, and automobile parts worldwide (General Motors). The company markets their vehicles generally under the Buick, Cadillac, Chevrolet, and GENERAL MOTORS CO brand names. (General Motors ). Chrysler Group LLC, designs, engineers, manufactures, distributes and sells vehicles under the The chrysler, Jeep, Avoid, Ram and FIAT brands, and the SRT performance automobile designation (Chrysler Holding LLC. ). Changes in recent years

Equally companies in the last 25 years have undergone significant facelifts which range from filing personal bankruptcy, implementing new leaderships and names changes (Miel, 2014). In the beginning, there was Chrysler Corp, and then in 1998 Chrysler begat DaimlerChrysler which in 2009 started to be Chrysler Group. General Motors suffered similar fate and obstacles having to change their very own name from GENERAL MOTORS Corp. to today's GMC Co. (Miel, 2014). Though these conglomerates were faced with a large number of challenges during that entire expand of time via Chrysler Corp. to Fiat Chrysler and from Basic Motors to GM Company. you could continue to buy a car of your choice built at the same flower, mostly by same workers, designed to do the same work of shipping families from soccer video games to school and home once again (Miel, 2014).


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