George Orwell 1984 Anaylsis Essay

1984 Examination

In his new 1984, George Orwell describes a world with an oppressive government known as " The Party” that all people need to worship. To be able to describe a conflicting circumstance involving a government of the nature, Orwell centers his story on the dissenter known as Winston that tries to break away from this oppression. When someone takes control without the require of the persons, there will always be categories of people that stand up to it.

George Orwell included the character of Winston in order to show the ethical and moral implications which come from rebelling against one's government. Winston's first edgy crimes against his government manifested themselves in the form of thoughts. As soon as Winston started to have doubts and regrets about his current government, having been assumed to become criminal for the state. The Party's brand for this type of person was obviously a " thought-criminal” and they had been considered just as dangerous every other legal that fully commited a crime up against the government. During the times that Winston was surviving in, the government believed something as simple as a believed could at some point cause a rebellion or a great uprising against their government. If this oligarchy allowed people to believe for themselves, anti-Party ideas could arise and folks could take actions against the govt. The effects of thoughts against the govt were as well dangerous therefore something needed to be done with these people.

Winston further betrayed his government as his thoughts converted into memories of better times when the tyrannical govt was nonexistent. When Winston went out walking one day, this individual saw a natural stone that this individual remembered discovering at some point when he was a kid. He instantly bought this kind of souvenir, yet kept that a top secret that it was in the possession. Though it was just a piece of junk, it was also sturdy proof that a time prior to government got power persisted. In an oligarchy as extreme as the main one in 1984, having control...

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