God, Girls, Antigone, and Pai Dissertation

God, Women, Antigone and Pai

There are people that are equally, but presently there leaders and followers witch separates those two types of people. Same activities could suggest many different things like good and even bad activities. Nicki Caro directed the film Whale Rider. The Whale Rider is a video about a kid who encounters rough the child years and the drop of her brother. The lady grows up with her grandpa's hate with her, but the girl still becomes the leader of her persons. Author Sophocles wrote the play Antigone. Antigone is known as a play about a young female whose dad unknowingly seamlessly puts together his mother and provides four kids. She becomes very ashamed and makes negative and positive decisions and actions. Antigone and Pai have a whole lot of similarities, and that's what makes them unique. Antigone and Pai both seem to manage to get thier callings from your Gods and that is what rules them most of the time Some guy think that females are weakened and that they terribly lack the bravery to make critical changes, yet Antigone and Pai replace the way those foolish man think. Antigone and Pai have many things in common, but the most important point that they have in keeping is that they are very strong willed. Whenever people receive callings from the Gods they seem to not proper care and force it aside, but when Antigone and Pai receive all their callings they will follow the words and do the proper thing. The moment Antigone gets the calling from the Gods, she instantly follows that and does whatsoever she believes is right. (773-775) While discussing with her sibling Ismene, Antigone makes it obvious that on her " The greater lows are usually more important then this laws of Creon. ” She her decisions not caring whether it's what other people want. The lady makes her decisions based upon her mind, and what she considers is the way to go. Pai obtains the calling from the Gods and the whales, right after that she phone calls the whales. She will not care what her grandpa has to claim. She makes her decisions herself. (Caro) Even though her grandpa stands in her...

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