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The Beautiful City of Qingdao

Qingdao's environment, featuring glowing blue sea, white sand, and green trees, can be widely adored by people of many other areas. Qingdao is actually a special city that combines the attraction of southern region China with the generosity of north Cina. Because it was opened early and was at one time occupied by simply Japanese and German intruders, it takes on the look that appears to be more Westernized than various other cities in China. Lying down on the the southern part of bank of the Shandong Peninsula, Qingdao is usually one of China's most attractive urban centers, integrating modern day cityscapes with old European-styled architectures for the mountain mountains and by the seashore, green and amazing sea seashores scattered with red reefs, and you, 132. 7-meter-high Mt. Laoshan, the highest pile along China's coastal collection. German-styled castles, constructed in 1936, once received later Chairman Mao Zedong and Norodom Sihanouk, then royal prince of Cambodia. A Denmark-styled Catholic church.

In Nov 1897, Indonesia occupied Qingdao by pressure on the pretext of the Juye litigation over religious differences. In 1914, the World War I engulfed, and in The fall of that season, Japan occupied Qingdao and ousted Indonesia to put Qingdao under its military colonial reign. Householder's strong assert for " Reoccupying Qingdao" later captivated the famous May 4 Motion in 1919. In January 1938, The japanese once again occupied Qingdao and occupied metropolis until Sept 1945. While the western component to urban Qingdao, namely outdated urban section, features red-roofed houses, green trees, green sky, and azure marine, the far eastern part, namely new city district, congregates modern architectures. The old and new zones are agreeably fused with each other, making Qingdao an oceanic city imbued with Western and Oriental customs. Journeying from west to east along the seaside of Qingdao, one can perspective picturesque seascapes and find delight in four tourist areas in different designs. Hidden in the beautiful natural landscapes are ethnic heritages, which have...

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