Hcs451 Risk and Top quality Management Dissertation

Risk and Quality Management


March twenty-four, 2014

Jamie Berry

Business Summary

The subsequent paper will be addressing raise the risk and Top quality management of 1 of the leading health care organizations in the world today and an organization whose benefits a lot of us have had the pleasure of experiencing: Chef Permanente, which is one of the most esteemed and prospering organizations in the health care field. Kaiser Por siempre provides while offering leading healthcare technologies, excellent doctors, urgent services, lab needs, pharmaceuticals, and other hospital services and a lot more. They also have an extremely detailed and successful risk and quality management program which they implement within their different organizations. Reason for Risk and Quality Administration

" Quality assurance, regulatory compliance, and risk management have common elements, all of them represent techniques by which proper care and services are scrutinized, audited, and generate actions plans meant to benefit patients” (Sollins, JD,  2008). So it will be no surprise that within the medical field, risk and quality management's main purpose is to ensure that people and workers are always secure and receive the best proper care possible. Ensuring that both sufferers and employees are always safe reduces the potential of any excessive or pointless risks to the organizations which explains why quality assurance and management get hand in hand with risk management. In health care Risikomanagement is very critical as it protects so many different areas ranging from appropriate procedures when handling prescription drugs, protecting affected person information, ensuring training is happening for all workers, and so much more. Risk management is so essential because it is the particular sure the facility can be operating in obedience with polices. Quality management insures that patients are receiving top quality care for a decent market value, which include good customer service, timely visits and advanced technology. At Kaiser that they value equally risk and quality supervision and make it a core emphasis at all times. In fact , " Kaiser Permanente's Care Management Start (CMI) is one of the first agencies in the United States to earn disease management (DM) certification through the National Committee for The good quality assurance (NCQA). The 2-year NCQA DM certification was awarded in plan design. The program design qualification was granted for several areas: diabetes, asthma, center failure, and depression. CMI was one among 18 to obtain the NCQA certification/accreditation” (ManagedHealthcare. Info, 2002). Managing the potential risks

Like all the other health care companies Kaiser Duradera faces various risks each and every day, especially since they are dealing with someones well-being. It is important that above all a healthcare organization is aware what their risks will be and what strategies will be in place to address these dangers. " Chef Permanente is involved that too many diverse drug safety programs will can charge a burden within the healthcare system and on people and that this will likely drive up costs and limit access to therapies. At concern is the growing number of Risk Evaluation and Mitigation Strategies. The FOOD AND DRUG ADMINISTRATION (FDA) has accepted nearly 75 in the last three years” (Wechsler,  2010). The reality is any market that works with the producing or releasing of pharmaceutical or any other type of medications made for the consumption of the general public needs to make sure they have great risikomanagement because there are many risks involved. In drug distribution situations if scenarios are not taken care of properly, they can lead to not only costly mistakes but also can put peoples' well being in danger. Two additional typical risks for this type of organization will be patient confidentiality and hygiene as there are a lot of germs and diseases that these facilities confront daily. These types of risks may affect the top quality because medicine may not be correct, confidentiality breaches will have adverse results...

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