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Heritage Assessment

Latasha Rice, WCC- RN

Grand Canyon School: NRS 429v

Date: 8/31/2012

What is a heritage assessment? A heritage evaluation is a subpart to the total nursing assessment. Assessing a patient's history allows the nurse to obtain additional information about a patient's lifestyle, including beliefs about into the values, this is important to offering cultural medical care. One's historical past includes information about their ethnical beliefs and practices in the family and ethno religious community (Jarvis, C., 2012). By using a heritage assessment the registered nurse can obtain a huge amount info about the patient/ family, including but not limited to, in which ancestors had been born, just how many siblings they have, in the event the family originated from another region, how often time is spent with family, religion, in the event the patient prefers the company of individuals with the same values and religion or ethnic history, what type of food the patient works on, and the person's native terminology. This conventional paper will go over what the publisher learned via completing a heritage assessment tool, the usefulness of a heritage evaluation tool the moment assessing a patient/ family/ community all together. This paper will also evaluate the health customs of 3 different family members (and cultures) to include, health maintenance, overall health protection, and health restoration, while figuring out common customs based on the author's history. What the family members ascribe their particular traditions to will also be reviewed.

To begin, the thing that was learned through the heritage analysis tool and why it can be useful to apply a traditions assessment in evaluating the needs of a " whole” person must be discussed. Useful information and insight was gained from completing the heritage analysis tool. Once complete, there have been lots of unfavorable responses known, meaning, mcdougal has little or no identification with her classic heritage. It may not become assumed that everyone determines with their classic heritage; this might in turn make delivery of poor health treatment and/ or education. Should you be not currently familiar with the beliefs and practices the heritage assessment tool is very helpful in obtaining you there, and helping you learn more about what heritage is. When evaluating the needs of the " whole” person a heritage analysis is useful and necessary. Probably the most important causes that a traditions assessment pays to is because it can help practitioners in providing culturally appropriate health care. Discovering what cultures and beliefs you are facing through ideal assessment is vital. The broadly competent nurse must have know-how in several areas: (1) your own personal traditions (which anybody can discover throughout the heritage assessment tool), (2) the history of the medical profession, (3) the heritage of the medical system, and (4) the heritage in the patient (utilization of a historical past assessment device is also helpful). Throughout medical education different kinds of physical examination and assessments happen to be learned, which include, health background, mental overall health assessment, and nutritional analysis. However , with respect to the patient's historical past the information you gather can vary widely, therefore a historical past assessment should be an integral part of a whole physical and health examination (Jarvis, C., 2012).

Following, health practices will be discussed. Health customs vary significantly amongst several cultures. The three areas being discussed when it comes to this daily news are; overall health maintenance (how families preserve health and prevent illness); wellness protection (what measures are taken to safeguard the body by illness); and health recovery (what is done to restore the entire body to the prior level of working after an illness). Three families coming from different cultures were evaluated...

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