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Human Companies Needs Assessment Paper

The selected group needing human providers is kids in need. This picked group is very important because in the event children aren't serviced if they are children, they may become adults who need companies. If man service professionals can break the routine early in childhood there will be less of the chance that they can need additional services. This selected group is also extremely important because children in will need cannot support themselves. Adults can make choices to try to fix their circumstance. Children adhere to adults lead so they only really know what they are trained, what they find, and what their father and mother do of course, if the mature is presenting the problems of poverty by way of example that is all the children are gonna know. Kids in want have not designed fully to manage stresses anytime. Chapter a pair of (" Man Services in Contemporary America”, 2011) points out that the conditions and issues that children in need happen to be facing, but is not limited to, happen to be physical and emotional concerns, lack of understanding, rejection, health problems, and lower income, children in single family members homes, and abused and neglected kids. There are many more factors that children in need deal with. Poverty and children residing in single mother or father homes seems to be the most difficult with looking to take care of kids. Povertyusa. org lists the statistics on poverty in the United States that 1 . 6th million kids stayed in a shelter or perhaps emergency enclosure last year. Likewise, 1 in 6 Us citizens live in low income. Statistics likewise states that 1 in 7 American households had been food insecure last year. There are 46. two million inhabitants in poverty in the United States. (" Poverty USA”, 2012) A drawback of children living in a single father or mother home is definitely the greater potential for children moving into poverty. Mom only households have quite high rates of poverty. Daddy only households do not seem as...

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