Idea Cell Essay

Manufacturer Update: Idea

Thought cellular can be running another series of promotions under " An idea can adjust your life " theme. This time, the brand is usually evangelizing " save the trees " idea.

Observe the tvc here: Idea

Idea cell phone should be commented for its uniformity in their positioning. It is very simple for the brand managers to become tired at harping on same theme over and over. This can immediate some managers to change for the sake of changing hence undoing the whole work done until now. In that way, it is good to see Idea cell phone milking the maximum out of its big idea.

Coming to the advertising campaign, as usual the campaigns are catchy, hilarious and has a message which is miles faraway from where the company stands.

According to reports, the brand is usually planning a fish hunter 360 degree marketing campaign to take the style to the public. I have been tightly watching the unfolding of Idea's logos strategies for quite some time. The brand got wisely taken a strategy which acted as an effective mess breaker. No-one misses the campaign although after a while no one recalls it as well. Although the campaigns talks about numerous issues, I actually felt a sort of disconnect someplace. If we look at similar constant campaigns like Fevicol or perhaps Gillette, there is also a strong string which connects their advertisments together. That connecting chain is missing in the Idea cellular campaigns.

This is my hypothesis regarding the brand's campaign:

Even though the brand uses the same pair of brand components like the taglines in all all their campaigns, typical audience generally discounts the idea as utopian or imaginative. Unlike Fevicol, Idea blends hyperbole with real concern which makes the viewer " dismiss " the idea of the campaign. I've never found anyone discussing the concept suggested by Thought campaigns. In Fevicol, there is only hyperbole without any mixing of real issues and audience " discuss" the exaggeration and does not dismiss.

Having said that, in telcom market, the goal of advertisement is essentially creating brand...

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