IMC Report for Hainan Tourism Advertising campaign Essay

" Beach inside my home”


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Shuangyu Shen沈双羽07020057

Xueqing Wang王雪晴07020091

Shi Yao姚实07020217

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Executive Summary2

Situation Analysis3

SWOT analysis3

Competitive Analysis4

Customer Characteristics (McKinsey & Company, 2008)4

Previous Marketing Programs5

Target market5

IMC Objective6

Important Message6

Merchandise Analysis7

Visitor Sites7

Inexpensive Products8




Image/Print Advertisements9

TV Commercials10

Advertising Placement11

Events and Sponsorship12

General public Events12


PR – Public Relations15


Press Release16

General public Events/Campaigns17

Preserving On-going Events18

Customer Marriage Management19

Incorporation of Different Customer Groups20


Campaign Schudule21

Critical Reflections22




Executive Summary

This kind of report evaluation the current tourism situation of Hainan and what we performing is to launch a new marketing campaign and gain more clients from the second-tier cities in China. By simply creating a new message and design a series of activities surrounding the message, we hope to renew the rand name image of Hainan in the way of thinking of our buyers, not only the newest customers but also the repeated kinds. Thus bring more customers, and earnings to Hainan tourism sector.

Our statement is divided into three parts.

In the first part, we certainly have analysed the latest situation, along with prospects of development of travel products. Searching at the condition and main competitors of Hainan, we all fully understand the strengths, weaknesses, chances and risks of it, as well as who each of our competitors will be and how they are doing. These types of help us to pick up our target groupings, therefore , creating the advertisments that are perfect for them.

In addition to that, the products that Hainan is offering currently are quite obscure inside their target teams apart from all those clearly aiming at people with substantial incomes. Searching at the travel resources Hainan has, all of us decide to kick off our meaning and concentrate on some of the areas that are not in the centre of the limelight, but we also include the widely used sites. Really is endless this can be a common development intended for both the market and the tourism interesting attractions in Hainan.

Hence, inside the second part of our record, we map out the detailed plan in the whole plan, including three parts – Advertisements, Events/Sponsorship, and PR. These 3 campaigns will be carried out concurrently and individually, yet carefully around the core – the newest message " Beach at MY Home”. With these three methods, really is endless to build a brand new communication connect between the customers and Hainan, through which, consumers would know more of what Hainan is offering and just how it is; in the other area, Hainan may understand even more about it is diversified client groups, and what every one of them wants. In so doing, Hainan could create more value to its clients – not merely targeted customers in our statement, but all.

The third portion of the report is dedicated to the critical reflection as we look on what each member of the teams features contributed, and on which portion we have our limitations and can be improved.

Circumstance Analysis

SWOT analysis

S:Comparatively low price for a seaside experience

Thirty-six group groups, providing colourful traditions

Great geographic position with convenient travel

W: Bad programming since the beginning of exploitation, thus leads to current insufficient advertising Lack of legal guidelines to guarantee the two enterprises'' and customers' legal rights. Incomplete controlling system, short of supervision to make certain very good service Um: Growing economy, increasing with regard to travelling


Exploring Online strategy of Cooking Tourism Creation in Hk and Singapore: a Resource-Based Theory Composition