School Jewelry Essay

Describe two of the primary ideas/themes unveiled in the film you have researched and show just how these had been conveyed.

When folks feel that they don't belong, they tend to make an effort their toughest to befriend their peers surrounding these people. They also do not want other folks to have unfavorable views of them due to misjudgment. In the film School Jewelry, directed simply by Robert Mandel, David Greene himself reveals the theme of alienation for the audience. The reactions more towards David show the concept of the prejudice. Robert Mandel features delivered both of these themes through various character types, using a variety of visual and verbal methods.

At the beginning of the film, once David initial arrives at Street Matthews, he's amazed at the elegance of the school. We know that the school is luxurious even as we are given a long long taken of the university to emphasise the grandness of the school. The ambient sound of the church bells ringing also increases this impact. We as well know that David is surprised as he says, " This can be a high institution? ” with confusion and amazement in the tone of his tone. He as well looks at the school, in shock. We can recognise the awe in his confront as we will be presented with a reaction shot of David, clearly being able to understand his emotions. Immediately, we can see that he is out of place as he is used to schools that tend to be more small , crowded in the poor coalmining town of Scranton, Philadelphia. We know that David is from a low socio-economic class, judging by the appearance of his house close to the start of film. Were given a high angle shot of their house, which suggests that his family members was quite poor. Centred in the severe long taken of the school, is the house of worship. Mandel has been doing this purposely to provide the group with one more why David does not are supposed to be. This cause, is that the school that David is about to attend, is highly Christian; and David is a Jew. Prior to and during the first assembly, we are displayed how David is different. Before the...

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