Essay on Internet and Its Effect on Developing Countries Examples coming from India and China

The Internet and its effect on developing countries: examples supply by china manufacturer and India T. Kanti Srikantaiah

Dominican University, Lake Forest, The state of illinois, USA and

The Internet as well as impact on China and tiawan and India 199

Received February 1998 Revised March 1998

Dong Xiaoying

Peking University, Beijing, China

Advantages In the new information climate many countries are depending upon electronic usage of information throughout the Internet, which can be revolutionising data management and information technology. Designed countries have got improved their communication devices and are able to share information in a user friendly environment. They may have used the web in various areas: • culture; • wellness; • community sector administration; • market; • environment; • telecoms; • control; • and so forth The Internet has become penetrating producing countries. This paper covers the part of the Net in such countries, with specific reference to China and India. The net The idea of the web originated about 25 years before at the US Defense Division Advanced Studies Agency (ARPA), to keep track of data through computer systems and software program. The Internet is currently a complex net of sites connected with high speed links trimming across countries. There are no set boundaries for the Internet in cyberspace. Recent research shows 50, 500 networks much more than 100 countries using more than 50 , 000, 000 users (MIDS press release). It is estimated that the rate of progress in Internet use is around twenty per cent monthly. Currently the Net is certainly not proprietary which is available to a person with computer gain access to connected to the external world. Considering that the USA released the information superhighway in 1994, the Internet is at a play a great ever-increasing function in the great information marketplace in many countries (Table I).

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Asian Libraries six, 9

Region G-7 countries Canada France Germany Italia Japan The uk USA The african continent South Africa Cyprus Tunisia Jamaica Senegal Egypt Mozambique Burkina Faso Cameroon Ghana Kenya Morocco Fresh Caledonia Niger Swaziland

Web host

Initial interconnection

Country Poultry Indonesia Thailand India Chinese suppliers Kuwait Malaysia United Arabic Republic Kazakhstan Macau Fiji Uzbekistan Vietnam Lebanon Lithuania Latin America Brazil South america Chile Republic of ecuador Peru Spain Bermuda Venezuela Puerto Potentado Costa Rica Guam Virgin Destinations Nicaragua Panama Dominican Republic

Host 22, 963 12, 861 some, 309 5, 794 25, 594 3, 555 6th 994 1, 136 one particular 0 153 3 you, 128 a couple of, 761

Primary connection 12/91 07/93 04/94 11/90 04/94 12/92 11/92 11/93 11/93 04/94 06/93 12/94 04/95 06/94 04/94


690, 316 292, 096 875, 631 211, 966 955, 688 878, 215 825, 048

07/88 07/88 09/89 08/89 08/89 04/89 07/88

419 you, 973 15 349 275 1, 894 44 2 75 275 457 888 59 34 240

12/91 12/92 05/91 05/94 10/94 11/93 03/95 10/94 12/92 10/94 11/93 10/94 10/94 10/94 05/94

Asia and Middle East Taiwan 40, 706 12/91 Table I actually. South Korea 132, 370 04/90 Distribution of owners Israel sixty one, 140 08/89 connected to the Internet Singapore sixty, 674 05/91 (1997): G-7 countries, Thailand 12, 794 07/92 Africa, Asia, Midsection East and Latin America Source of number number:, 1997

sixty-eight, 685 126 19, 168 1, 078 6, 510 18, 985 1, 648 4, 679 114 4, 259 91 7 743 390 twenty-five

06/90 02/89 04/90 07/92 11/93 10/90 05/90 02/94 10/89 01/93 10/93 03/93 02/94 06/94 04/95

Malaysia's Prime Ressortchef (umgangssprachlich), Mahathir Mohammed, once said:

It can be not any accident that there is today no wealthy designed country that is certainly information poor, and no data rich nation that is poor and bad (Nagy, 1991, p. 57).

This statement emphasises the importance of the Internet for producing countries. From an international point of view access to and use of the world wide web is out of balance; there are evident gaps between developed and developing countries in terms of the numbers of netting, hosts and users. Like a...

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