Katamaran Ng Mga Pilipino Essay


Technology and Livelihood Education (TLE) is one of the nomenclature in the implementation from the K to 12 Standard Education Plan (BEP) composed of four parts; namely, Agri-Fishery Arts, Residence Economics, Commercial Arts and Information and Communication Technology. In this component, the focus is usually on Home Economics mini-course – BREADS AND PASTRY PRODUCTION.

In this course, you will be encountered with different equipment, instruments, correct calculation and mensuration, and actual preparation of the several recipes which might be necessary in either putting up a specialised store that provides baked items or doing the task of a baker or perhaps bakery help. This will end up being a area for you to examine yourself and identify areas of business that you should strengthen and safeguard ahead of you make the leap into the regarding work. В

Given that the staff is much behind in equating the number of available jobs, the Division of Education is stimulating its solutions to lead the young heads and to make them masterfully as foreseeable future patty gourmet or the just like, instead. It really is in focusing the skills that learners can easily assure to have edge of surviving the daily demands of oneself and of other folks. It attempts to provide college students with the expertise, skills, and motivation in neuro-scientific bread and pastry production. This component is especially crafted to focus on Process and Delivery. It truly is enriched based on a activities which will assess your level with regards to skills and of knowledge that you are expected to show after experiencing this learning materials. Learning procedures are divided into diverse sections - What to Know, What to Process, What to Echo and Understand, and Points to Transfer. Look at with the suggested tasks and accomplish those to practice having a sustainable system, prioritizingВ needs and building perspective. So , explore and go through the K to 12 TLE modules and be a step nearer to a successful manufacturer of top quality bread and pastry.



At the conclusion of this module, as a learner you are required to:

1 . Perform the task of your chef or possibly a baker depending on market needs and needs. 2 . Make and generate delicious quality, profitable and saleable baked products. three or more. Demonstrate understanding of concepts and principles of process and delivery inside the exploratory training course in bread and pastry production.



To get better results as you go through this kind of module, it will be easy to assess your self with the characteristics and expertise before engaging in the world of the baking industry.

You could now established your learning goals and targets in order that you be well guided accordingly as you go through this module.

Kindly provide genuine answer to each item under.


Direction: Go through each statement below. Encircle the page of the correct answer.

1 . Strong enough in dealing and solving the challenges you may undertake as you go with jogging your business. a. hard workingb. committedc. risk takerd. honest

2 . A baker need to build a very good reputation; offers the valor to do the best thing. a. risk takerb. reliable and has integrityc. patientd. dedicated

3. Successful business people base their work with strengths.

a. goal orientedb. hardworkingc. forms on strengthsd. patient

5. Know that in the business, personal needs, add-on to your friends, families and relatives will be set aside. a. opportunity seekerb. hard workingc. committedd. affected person

5. Can really handle uncommon events that may happen available which include concerns in handling the workers, problems on the delivery of goods and services, plus the problems in demand and...

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