Lesson Plan Essay



I. Goals

At the end of twenty- tiny lesson, the scholars should be able to: Assess different kinds of food according for their uses in your body Identify the many kinds of meals that our human body needed

State the importance of eating the ideal kinds of food

II. Topic

Topic: Three Basic Foodstuff groups and Food Pyramid

Reference: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Food_guide_pyramid


Material: Powerpoint, photographs of get, glow and grow food

Values Infused: Good eating habit and overall health consciousness

III. Procedure

A. Routinary Activities

1 . Hello

2 . Class Management

3. Prayer and Foodstuff for believed

4. Checking out of Attendance

B. Exercise

The class can all stand and will do the laughter yoga exercise 2 . zero

C. Assessment

What was the topic last meeting?

Precisely what is the definition of food?

Why do we need food?

Is definitely food important to us?

Deb. Motivation

The class will be split up into three groups with two representatives every. The game is simply in a form of the commonly- known " Pinoy Henyo” game. A mystery term will be given to each crew. One of the associates will guess what a word by simply asking his/ her teammate several yes or any questions. The fastest staff who will guess the mystery word correctly will get the game. 1 ) Sweet Spud

2 . Tomato

3. Egg

- What have you noticed regarding the puzzle word? -- The objective of the lesson will be presented to students. Electronic. Lesson Proper

The Basic Foodstuff Groups

1 . Go foods- gives warmth and energy to our human body.

Major nutrition: Carbohydrates and Fats

Meals Groups: Grains, Cereals, Sweets and Fat

2 . Light foods- control and protect our body.

Significant nutrients: Nutrition

Food Teams: Vegetables and Fruits

3. Grow Foods- builds the body and fixes cells and tissues. Significant nutrient: Healthy proteins

Foods group: Milk, Meats, Fish and Chicken

All foodstuff can also be grouped into six food...

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