Evaluate The Effect Of Two Major Ideas Of Aging On Health And Social Care Provision Pertaining to Mr Lee 1 Composition


Measure the influence of two main theories of ageing in health and cultural care provision in relation to Mister Lee Through this assignment We are evaluating the strengths and weaknesses of activity and disengagement theory and how these theories can be used on Mr Shelter. When people get older they can consider different ways to aging and may even have different ideas that are relating to the aging process whether it becoming disengagement theory or activity theory. Seniors all handle aging different, some can easily chose to end up being active or disengage themselves from culture whether this being due to depression or may not deal with despression symptoms well. Both activity theory and disengagement theory will vary views and opinions on aging process. There are numerous services that are offered for the elderly's which will aims to help the elderly stay active, socially, emotionally, intellectually and bodily developed. Each of the developments only mentioned are incredibly important for seniors to keep them mentally and physically healthier which can incorporate day centres where they can meet new people whom are going through the same thing as them which will enhance their social creation. Mr Shelter is a seventy six year old man who was wedded to his wife to get 50 years who also sadly passed away 2 years back. They had 3 children whom live end with their families. One element of activity theory that can be seen to influence Mister Lee's getting older and into the social treatment provision is the fact that Mister Lee has long been fit and active that may increase his physically creation in the sense that it will allow Mister Lee to maintain a healthy weight and reduce of the risks to make cancer and other diseases, even disorders that a vulnerable as you get older such as osteoarthritis. In addition to this, Mister Lee works as a volunteer with the age exchange in Blackheath. which this individual enjoys appointment customers and participants in the shop that will expand his social advancement as he can get to meet new comers are generate new close friends and that...

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