mint leaves as face cleaner Essay

п»їSignificance of the study

People. They can use mint facial cleanser once their skin needs a very good cleansing and pick-up. Parents. They can use this for anti – maturing skin in face. Additionally, it may help them to become softer and clearer their particular faces. Professors. They have lots of worries to enable them to use it for relaxing and it can also help their particular face to get more faultless. Teenagers/ College students. They can use this kind of study because of their future experiments. It is very attractive removing whiteheads, pimples and acne.

Scope and limitations

The materials about this study are easily to find and are inexpensive particularly for our main ingredient which is the mint leaves. In addition, it has the drinking water and cornstarch for various other ingredients. The respondents from this study composed of thirty (30) people who will also test the product. This kind of study was conducted throughout the month of July till January of Academic Year 2011 – 2012.



This part presents the materials employed and techniques in merchandise making through this. Included also are research style, setting, the respondents and their selection, the instrument in gathering info, as well as the record treatment to use in responding to the problems of the investigation.

Study Design

This can be basically a descriptive research where inside the perception in the respondents were analyzed and interpreted. The descriptive analysis design was utilized in this investigation with questionnaire as the main tool in gathering data.

Population and Test

The participants of this analyze were twenty five (30) subsequent year pupils from BELIEFS unified school. The study was conducted throughout the Academic Year 2011 – 2012.

Data Gathering Treatment

A request approval to conduct was secured through the principal of FAITH unified institution.



Drinking water Cornstarch

Mint Leaves

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