Mistakes Brutus Made in Julius Caesar Article

People make decisions that may can determine the outcomes of their lives. It took only three incorrect choices to get calamity after Marcus Brutus. First, he refused to agree to the death of Marc Antony, second, he allowed Marc Antony to speak at Caesar’s funeral and third, this individual decided to risk all in one fight at Philippi. In Bill Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar, Brutus makes three big mistakes that take him to his end.

Brutus helped bring his own death after him simply by refusing to agree to the death of Marc Antony. As Cassius had said “we shall find him a clever contriver, and…his means…may very well stretch so far as to annoy all of us, ” quarrelling that Antony should also be killed on the conference. Brutus immediately forbade such a thing and explained “think certainly not of him; for they can do no more than Caesar’s adjustable rate mortgage when his head is crooked. ” Enabling Caesar’s “limb” to live developed into on with the biggest faults Brutus available. It was similar Antony whom Brutus believed would be not any danger to them that destroyed him.

Allowing Marc Antony not only to speak in Caesar’s burial but also to speak last was an additional mistake Brutus made that brought about his end. “Do not approval that Antony speaks in the [Julius Caesar’s] funeral: understand you how very much the people may be moved simply by that which he will probably utter? ” Cassius, his friend, got advised Brutus not to permit Antony speak at the funeral. Brutus, incredibly, refused to acknowledge that fact and said “I will personally into the pulpit first and show the reason of our Caesar’s death…it shall advantage more than do us incorrect. ” Brutus was beneath the misconception that he was an improved orator than Antony therefore he went first. This allowed Antony to listen to whatever Brutus had said and use it against him to sway the group in a different direction. Antony convinced the crowd the conspirators were not honourable and therefore turned all of them against Brutus and his other conspirators.

The final mistake Brutus made that brought him to his end was...

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