Progressive Age Essay

The Progressive Period was the time frame from about 1900 to 1914 by which America revived a

sense of protest and reform. It is " important characteristic was obviously a belief that social problems could be mastered by

exercise with the collective will" (Filler 6). Progressivism restored an interest in improving America's social, political,

and economic ills. It distinguished itself from the other eras of reform through its extreme promotion of " activism", or

energetically trying to facilitate improvements. The Progressives " argued that social evils is not going to remedy

themselves, which it is wrong to sit down by passively and wait for time to manage them" (Hofstadter 4). The

Progressives worked to reform this sort of areas because women's and minority's rights, social school distinctions, business, labor,

industry, and trade. Much of America was caught up inside the upheaval of America's problems, and this was because of

the media's promotion of such issues. The press that particularly pushed problems were referred to as the Muckrakers.

The Muckrakers are generally regarded as the going force at the rear of the Modern Era. The Muckrakers

were " a group of young reformers, who, through novels and well-liked magazine articles or blog posts, laid bare the abuses that acquired

crept into American political, sociable, and economic life" (Werner 189). The Muckrakers had been the most memorable

and effective element of the Accelerating Era because of their ability to reveal America's concerns in a memorable,

interesting manner. The " Step to Muckraking Success" is defined in the subsequent phrase:

" A unique Muckraking requires an interested public" (Filler 6). The Muckrakers certain the public that what

they were speaking about was not composed of minutiae, but was indeed consists of relevant and important specifics for the

whole country (Filler 41). The Muckrakers become a huge hit to the public with stories of injustice, cruelty, unscrupulousness,

and struck for society's cardiovascular with the plight of the unlucky victims of such cruelties. In particular, they will informed

the public in the corrupt methods in govt and organization, and uncovered the manipulations of the political

equipment. Muckrakers were so talented with the expose` medium that they can controlled almost all of the public judgment and

governmental reconstructs of that time. As stated in the October 1906 issue of American Magazine, " Yes, friend, th' side

that rocks th' fountain pen is th' hand that rules the wurruld" (Weinberg vi).

The Muckrakers had been often associated with " yellow journalism", the sensationalistic journalism of the core 1800's. This really is a result of sensationalistic journalists tagging onto the " Muckraker" title towards latter part of the

Progressive Era. As stated simply by Louis Filler, " В‘Muckraking' has two meanings, 1 relating to open public service initiatives

to expose wrong or evil situations, the other involving exploitation of the thirst of popular readerships for sensational

writing and subject matter" (5). Nevertheless , the true Muckrakers of the Modern Era did not distort the reality, but

simply achieved it appealing to the population through " artistic presentation" (Filler 45).

Most Muckrakers were media and their major means of communicating to the open public was through

mags such as McClure's, which released most of the discovery muckraking content articles of the Progressive Era

(Werner 189). Other noteworthy magazines that published muckraking articles contain Collier's, Everybody's, and

Cosmopolitan. A few Muckrakers, nevertheless , such as Upton Sinclair and David Graham Phillips, printed their

information by using novels.

The Muckrakers received their name by using a speech that Theodore Roosevelt made evaluating the

expose' media to a personality in Bunyan's Pilgrim's Improvement, who " could seem no way although downward using a

muckrake in his hands" (Weinberg 58)....

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