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Essays on Pros and cons Of Living In a Joint Family Joint Family: parents, children, and relatives: the family being a unit enjoying parents and children along with grandparents, aunts, uncles, friends, and sometimes even more distant family members. • the joint family system has been in existence since ancient times. The daddy is considered because the head of the family. His wife, kids, daughters-in-law and grandchildren collectively constitutes a joint family. The top of the relatives feels happy with the great range of members. Research has shown that there are several positive aspects to moving into joint. a joint relatives system may become a training earth for the future era to learn and develop qualities and expertise of living in harmony with fellow residents in a culture

• it is an ideal support system economically and emotionally for the aging parents, young kids who figure out how to share and get appreciate and interest from grand-parents, parents and uncles and aunts as well as for working other folks without the worries of day-care.

• We get to know more about life by the experience we come across moving into the joint families. A kid will develop a well disciplined manner under the able advice of the grandfather, grandmother and also other elders as they have more experience of various facets of life.

• In joint households all the family associates sit with each other and discuss their own promblems with the family. Suppose in the event that one relation is sick then there are countless people to manage the sick person.

• People gaining joint relatives tend to be more sensitive. Children probably would not feel neglected as there would be someone and also the other to manage the them in a joint friends and family.

• The joint family is ideal for over who wants to are well while have children. Working women have anyone to leave youngsters with when away at your workplace, rather than departing their children with servants. They can be assured that their children are being cared for by...

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