Mrs Baker Essay


The two families…

Red Lamb

Red is the tomboy with the family. This wounderful woman has a evil humour a great provides comic relief.


Red Lamb is the youngest girl with the Lamb family members. Is a Mary Boy, incredibly stubborn Schedule

Wants the city for the country, The lamb family members goes crabbing, Red police one in the chest. Turns into a nurse,

Junk Pickles

She was a good woman, unfaithful, vanity, negative, superficial; her beauty fades throughout the novel. She gows best on the appeal for men.

Your woman neglects her children,

Rose at home cooks, looks after her brothers, leaves school to work Dolly's abuse as a child defines her life in many ways

A cold, separate character

Mother/daughter relationships are alien with her

Resents her children

Provides a real issue with other ladies

Disfavors Oriel

Dolly and Oriel are practically complete opposites

Dolly enables people in by the end

Junk and Oriel reconcile

Dolly and Rose

Nearly a competition

All judges Rose


Sam Pickles

Child of a water diviner

" Female Luck” " Shift shadow” " Furry hand of God”

Sam features luck


He is an Aussie battler.

Second with Went up in the bathroom (razor)

Notices his daughter's sickness

Injured in accident at start of the new

A great unreliable alternatively figure

Goes on to work at The Mint

Between money

" He'd surrendered for the notion that he would have an unlucky life” (18*) " luck does not change” (20) – Sam is fatalistic

Flower Pickles

Very independent

Supportive of her friends and family

Takes on a motherly function

Dreams big

Works on the switchboard.

Rose admires Fish from very far

Increased and Speedy both got sad early years

Rose and speedy relate to the sadness each other have experienced and by becoming together and having a child create joy for the families and rid the home of the bad sense. Rose idol judges Dolly

She is a very detached character

Allen – Jinete, Dolly's beloved

Dies in spa, Dolly is definitely heartbroken

Gets the woman " in the duff”...

Children of Men by P. D. James Article