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Dr . Ochola

English information B02


20 February 2014

Can a Killer become Innocent?

In Mark Seal off " The Shooting Legend and the Unit, ” covers Oscar Pistorius killing his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp. This article begins with the date and time of the phone call designed to detective Hilton Botha. Investigator Botha can be described as twenty-four yr veteran of the South Africa Police Service and he knows Oscar Pistorius very well because of his intense criminal background. Seal after that begins speaking about Pistorius background how that may have an effect on the truth. The author proves the article with the trial in the murder and Pistorius' prison sentence. There are those who claim that it is more to the homicide case than it just as an accident. The evidence proves that there is so much more to the case than what meets a persons vision. Combining the evidence from the tough case and using Pistorius background, Investigator Botha can us his point of view from the murder to back up his debate. The author uses the evidence in the murder case to support his argument since Oscar Pistorius' girlfriend, Reeva Steenkamp, was found deceased at the bottom with the staircases protected in shower towels. Reeva Steenkamp was a beautiful twenty-nine year-old model and reality-TV celebrity. She and Pistorius experienced only recently been dating intended for four short weeks. During Pistorius statement towards the court, this individual explained that he yelled at the person in the bath room, and then screamed for Reeva to call the police. Reeva never answered him. Detectives also planned to know wherever Pistorius was standing when he fired the gun. He said he did not have got his legs attached nevertheless used his stumps. " Why will a thief lock him self in a bath room cubicle? So why would the victim become shot through her trousers if the girl was using the toilet during nighttime? And why would your woman have taken her cell phone in to the bathroom in three A. M.? ”(Seal). These are your concerns that Pistorius could not solution. Using this data in the murder case Seal feels...

Reported: Seal, Draw. " The Shooting Superstar and The Version. "  Vanity Fair. Counter Fair, 06 2013. World wide web. 17 April. 2013.

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