My Mom Will Kill Me: Analysis of your Advertisement against Abortion Composition

Shahrose Khan

Engl 1301 Mon 6: 00-8: 50

B. Vasquez



Visual Analysis identifies interpreting the pictures in phrases. It includes taking into account all the mental and non-verbal elements which in turn communicate some type of symbolism in one approach or the different. The picture depicts a fearful pregnant lady who is afraid of revealing her pregnancy to her mom, her reaction and thinking of aborting the baby. Aim of the picture is always to communicate to teenagers specifically girls who have are ready to hazardous sex procedures and before marriage intimate relationships. Additionally it is to in some manner make them aware about the consequences and the bitter fact that at times teenage girls can be exploited. The message staying conveyed is usually that the unsafe love-making can lead to a number of different problems including pregnant state and how this leads to consider abortion. It can also be argued that early age being pregnant can cause a lot of serious overall health damages the two to the young lady and baby. It also demonstrates that it how can affect a person's relations with his/her family like mother – little girl relation. Audience of the photo is mostly young adults as it displays a young girl that is the point of focus inside the entire concept which getting communicated. The style is also responding to that everybody could make mistakes. The elders will need to deal steadly with individuals kinds of concerns. They should not really make their kids afraid in order that they choose illigal baby killing. The focal point of the photo is girl and her belly. This shows all of us how the girl is fearfully looking down at her belly thinking that my mom is going to kill me and in the meantime the baby is fearful of getting wiped out by her mom (the girl). Elements include unhappy and frowned face of the girl who is taking a look at her belly fearfully since she is thinking of her mother's reaction in revealing her pregnancy with her and how the lady can get reduce this problem? The style shows all of us that she's thinking of aborting the baby and the baby is usually fearful for that reason. The girl generally seems to...

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