Myths Regarding Homeless Dissertation

Christina Limbaugh


There are several misguided beliefs related to poor people and low income in America. American's tend to place the blame of homelessness about individuals rather than situations or state of society. Homeless and the indegent are often thought of as lazy people, who are able, and choose not to operate. Americans have this perception that the desolate are all upon drugs or alcohol. If they aren't on drugs and/or alcoholic beverages, they must be crazy. Fortunately they are thought of as misleading, troublesome persons. " 1 writer has described all of them as the ‘drunk, the addicted, and the just plain shiftless'; the inference is that a lot of the homeless may do better for themselves if they really wanted to”(Wright J. 2009, pg. 1). In reality, homeless and the indegent are like some other population inside our society; they come in all genders, age, race, ethnicity, qualification, beliefs, and health. James Wright (2009), states, " In truth, almost all off these types of stereotypes are true of some destitute people, and none are true of most homeless people” (pg. 2). Many homeless people job very hard, and still can't manage rent. The National Parti for the Homeless (NCH) (2009), inform us, 44% of homeless people have careers (Employment and Homelessness). This kind of number would likely be bigger if " under the table” or " off the books” work could possibly be accounted for, such as collecting containers and material or quick work (Culhane, 2010). Of these who cannot work, the majority are physically incapable or have poor mental well being. While, " 22% of Americans suffer from a mental illness, only a small percentage of the 44 million those who have a serious mental illness happen to be homeless” (National Institute of Mental Health, as offered by Confronts of Homelessness). So mental illness would not cause homelessness. Still it can be true that we now have many destitute people that have problems with poor mental health, from depression to more severe health issues. However , " …most can live in the city with the ideal supportive housing options...

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