Needs in different life periods Essay


Human Needs

Needs: lack of a thing that is required or desired

Demands exist by birth to death

Requires influence our behavior

Needs have a priority status

Maslow's hierarchy of needs

Maslow's hierarchy of needs( numbers of need)

Meeting Needs

Determination to act the moment needs believed

Sense of satisfaction when ever needs fulfilled

Sense of frustration when ever needs certainly not met

Several needs can be felt concurrently

Different needs can have different levels of strength

Altered PhysiologicalNeeds

Health care workers need to be aware about how health issues interferes with appointment physiological requirements Surgery or perhaps laboratory screening



Loss of perspective or experiencing

Altered PhysiologicalNeeds (continued)

Lowered sense of smell and taste

Destruction of joints and muscles

Change in person's behavior

The particular health care worker can carry out to assist the sufferer with changed needs Synopsis

Be aware of own requires and person's needs

More effective and top quality care could be provided once know demands and understand motivations Better understanding of each of our behavior which of others


Recognise that we are typical different.

Make them to help themselves and become even more independent.

Later a choice

Deal with individuals with esteem and dignity.

Protect weak individuals

Different professionals take part in care

formal and relaxed care supply


Our five your life stages are definitely the early years, institution age, young people in change (from university to mature life), adults of working age, and older people. For each and every life stage we have discovered the outcomes that everyone would wish for themselves at that stage is obviously.

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